Sales Conditions

Reservations conditions

ARTICLE 1 : Failure to stay in " the hut DOMENGE " 6 path Riumayou 64410 FICHOUS RIUMAYOU implies acceptance of the provisions of these rules and the commitment to comply .

ARTICLE 2: Book and stay The reservation becomes effective when the client has sent the owner a deposit of 25 % of the total price of the stay . The balance will be paid at the end of the stay . For bookings made by mail, phone or internet, the tenant does not bénificie withdrawal period , in accordance with article L121 -20- 4 of the Code related to consumer services including hosting provided at a time or at a given frequency .

ARTICLE 3: to Arrival and departure. The customer must present for arrival between 17 and 20 hours . In case of late arrival , the client must inform the owner . the day of departure the client must vacate at 11am at the latest.

ARTICLE 4: Payment of benefits . The gourmet gift baskets can be set to the resevation or end of stay by credit card, check or cash.

ARTICLE 5: Use of premises . The client must respect the peaceful character of the area and to use for their intended purpose . It is committed to make the interior of the cabin in perfect condition, and let ensemle of this object . A flat screen TV TNT , stereo , hair dryer are available . Towels and linens are provided .

ARTICLE 6 : Capacity . When booking more than 2 people can only make the trip . Otherworlds owner refuses additional people. This refusal may in no circumstances be regarded as a modification or breach of contract by the owner, so that when starting a greater number of those rejected clients, no refund can be considered.

ARTICLE 7: Smoke smoking . The entire cabin is non- smoking . We invite you to go on the terrace or ashtrays are available .

ARTICLE 8 : It is requested not to eat or drink soda or alcohol in the room. A table and chairs are available .

ARTICLE 9: Breakfast . Breakfast is served from 8:30 to 10am . A basket will be waiting in front of the house you hisserez using a pulley . If food allergy please inform us when booking.

ARTICLE 10: Spa spa users agree to take a shower before bathing and hygiene problems by avoiding bathing after utiiser cream .

ARTICLE 11 : Animals . Pets are not allowed in the cabane.En Failure to comply with this clause , the owner may deny access. This refusal may in no case be considered as a modification or termination of contract by the owner , if the client's departure no refund can be considered.

ARTICLE 12 : You are greedy greedy baskets baskets available on request when booking . Rates 15euros to 30euros per person.

ARTICLE 13 : Flights and accidents. The owner is not responsible for theft or injury occurred in the property.


ARTICLE 14: Cancellation by the client: All cancellations must be notified by letter or fax sent to the owner. a) Cancellation before arrival: if cancellation occurs more than 24 hours before arrival, the deposit is forfeited to the owner . If the cancellation occurs less than 24 hours before the arrival date , the deposit is forfeited to the owner quidemandera further payment of the balance of the stay . b ) If the customer does not occur 19 hours before the scheduled date of the beginning of the stay, the owner can have the cabin. The deposit is forfeited to the owner who asked for further payment of the balance of the stay . c) In case of shortened stay, the price corresponding to the initial entry remains entirely with the owner. Additional benefits not consumed will be refunded.

ARTICLE 15: Cancellation by the owner . In case of cancellation before arrival by the owner it will inform the customer by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or e -mail . the customer without prejudice to recourse in redress of possibly incurred damages, will be refunded amounts paid in time within a week .